Established in 2008, Bilge KİMYA has aimed to reach beyond the international standards determined in its field since its establishment. By producing the best quality products with the ChemBio brand, it has renewed itself everyday with its quality and continuously expanded its product range.

The experience gained from our customers and suppliers working together have enabled our company to evolve rapidly. At the beginning, our company serving with the production of reagents and water analysis kits, which gives importance to innovation and AR-GE, and now it provides analysis methods in many areas such as health, food, cosmetics, disinfection and also accelerates its projects in analytical devices.

Our ChemBio product portfolio includes test kits, analytical solutions, analytical and technical chemistry, test strips, standard solutions, histopathological dyes and paint sets in accordance with international standards we have developed.

Our company which is focused on "100% Customer Satisfaction" provides necessary technical consultancy services before and after sales.

Innovation and always improving and developing our search with the best search approach, continues uninterruptedly.